Name: Maria Carla Gilardi
E-mail address: mariacarla.gilardi *
IBFM position:


More affiliations:

Department of Surgical Sciences, University of Milano-Bicocca, Italy

Nuclear Medicine Department and PET Centre, San Raffaele Hospital - Milan, Italy


Postal address:

LITA Building - Via Fratelli Cervi, 93 - 20090 Segrate (MI), Italy
Tel. +39 02 21717514 - Fax +39 02 21717558
Research interests:

Single Photon and Positron Emission Tomography (SPECT and PET): Instrumentation, image reconstructiona and image processing.
Monte Carlo simulation models in PET.
Integration of multi-modal biomedical (PET, SPECT, CT, MRI


Representative publications:

Spinks TJ, Jones T, Gilardi MC, Heather JD. Physical performance of the latest generation of commercial positron scanner. IEEE Trans Nucl Sci, 1988; NS-35: 721-725.

Bettinardi V, Gilardi MC, Cargnel S, Rizzo G, Teras M, Striano G, Fazio F. A hybrid method of attenuation correction for positron emission tomography brain studies. Eur J Nucl Med, 1994; 21(12): 1279-1284.

Zito F, Gilardi MC, Magnani P, Fazio F. Single-photon emission tomographic in spherical objects: effect of object size and background. Eur J Nucl Med, 1996; 23(3): 263-271.

Gilardi MC, Rizzo G, Savi A, Landoni C, Bettinardi V, Rossetti C, Striano G, Fazio F. Correlation of SPECT and PET cardiac images by a surface matching registration technique. Comput Med Imaging Graph 1998; 22(5): 391-398.

Castiglioni I, Cremonesi O, Gilardi MC, Savi A, Bettinardi V, Rizzo G, Bellotti E, Fazio F. A Monte Carlo model of noise components in 3-D PET. IEEE Trans Nucl Sci, 2002, 49 (5): 2297-2303.